Butler Orthopaedics

Butler Orthopaedics provides the highest level of orthopaedic and surgical care to its patients in the Chicago area, covering hip and knee replacements, the Direct Anterior Approach, trauma and fractures, and arthritis.

If you or a loved one is suffering from bone or joint problems, it can affect every aspect of your life. At Butler Orthopaedics, we listen to our patients, and ask the questions specific to your bone or joint injury. Call us today to set up an appointment and begin the road to recovery.


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Chicago Animal Rehab

Chicago Animal RehabWe integrate traditional and complementary veterinary methods for rehabilitation, holistic healing and wellness. We respect the relationship you have with your referring Veterinarian and will keep them appraised of your pet’s progress with referral faxes or emails. In most cases we will maintain the treatments they have prescribed and will inform them of any changes we recommend.

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LePar Animal Hospital

Established in 1948, LePar Animal Hospital offers traditional veterinary services including Surgery, Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Tibial Tuberosity Advancement, Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy, Dentistry, Senior Care, Radiology, Boarding. LePar also offers several alternative healing modalities including Acupuncture, Nutrition Response Testing (a form of Applied Kinesiology), Veterinary Chiropractic Treatments, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Supplementation, Reiki, Massage and Veterinary Rehabilitation through Chicago Animal Rehab. Visit www.chicagoanimalrehab.com. Our professional staff is committed to providing the very latest in quality veterinary care. Throughout the year, our staff and veterinarians attend continuing education seminars on the national, state and local levels. Our doctors are members of many professional organizations including the AVMA, ISVMA, CVMA and AHVMA. LePar Animal Hospital is certified by the American Animal Hospital Association.

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