Preserving Your Obama Newspapers

If you’re like me, you’ve purchased a few of the special Obama newspapers. Now, you need to store them properly so that they last a long time. Long enough to show them to your youngest family members when they’re old enough to understand and appreciate the significance of this past election.

Newsprint paper is not meant to be saved and will yellow in as little as a month if left in the open. You need to store your newspapers in a room-temperature location away from sunlight, heat and humidity. Preferably wrapped in acid-free paper and stored in an acid-free paperboard box. NOT CARDBOARD. Cardboard is also not meant to last and will release chemicals and gases that will yellow your newspapers in just DAYS…

Listed below are a few online articles that give good information on preserving your newspapers. You should print any web-based article as the information may not be saved at that particular web site address.

And finally, please do not buy more than 1 or 2 copies of any of the keepsake newspapers. They will literally not be worth the paper they’re printed on just a year from now. Save your money to purchase one of the hardcover commemorative coffee-table books that are sure to appear soon in your local bookstore. These books will be much easier to preserve into the future, and ironically, will probably feature the covers of many of the newspapers we’ve been hoarding and stockpiling.


Chicago Tribune, November 9th, 2008
Keep newspaper as good as new” by Patrick T. Reardon

Library of Congress Web Site
Preserving Newspapers

The Best Obama Newspaper Cover?
Chicago Sun-Times, Oprah Blog


Light Impressions Direct
This company carries archival tissue paper, special plastic bags and boxes that you can use to store your newspapers. The supplies are not cheap, so consider ordering the things you need in bulk and split the costs with family or friends. Click here to visit the web site »

Pearl Paint Art Supply – In Chicago, at Chicago & Franklin
Good art supply stores will have various types and sizes of acid-free paper and tape that you can wrap your newspapers in. I recommend visiting the store in person if you’re in Chicago. You can also check with Dick Blick and Flax Art Supply.

The newspaper cover images above are copyrighted by their respective owners. does not take a position on which Chicago newspaper prints the best covers. I have copies of them both. -Editor